We plan ahead

Taking advantage of the student profile and Classlife academic memory, students and teachers can forecast efficiently collaborations with schools and companies through recruitment, internships and work opportunities by sharing their social academic memory and profile.

Profiles for companies and academia

We have opened a space for companies to recruit students, evaluate their progress and academic profile, making easy to filter and select candidate by evaluation of their profiles and academic memory.

Inter-institutional relations

We provide schools with monitorization and evaluation tools for managing each student activities in and outside the school when they participate in exchange programs, cross linking information from one school to another.

Resource Management

Through Classlife management tools, visualization of business opportunities for the centers are easy, preparation of tailor-made courses, room rental and collaborative projects, all to be managed easily from one single platform.




Classlife has been developed under the standards of banking systems to ensure the privacy of the information.



Classlife fits to the needs of any user. Available for PC, smartphone or tablet.



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