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Here you can find some of the most frequent questions about Classlife

What is Classlife?
Classlife is the easiest way to connect to a whole academic community. A network in which school parents and students exchange and manage information of interest in real time and from any device.
What makes Classlife different from any other LMS?
Classlife was borned to give meaning and exploit online tools through a unique space to manage and organize school activities, information and communication. For teachers, students and staff to be more efficient in their tasks and management .
Is Classlife a social network then?
No, Classlife is a school management system that makes use of tools similar to social media to enhance interactions and the exchange of content between teachers and students. We also integrate tools for course management and campus continuous monitorization, to keep students and teachers with up to date classrooms while being able to generate reports and analytics.
Is Classlife safe and secure for schools and students?
We are well aware of the need to ensure a platform that shields the information security. Classlife has been developed under the protocols used by the banking systems, ensuring data protection in all interactions with our platform.
Can I access Classlife with my mobile phone or tablet?
We have designed Classlife thinking about your different audiences and different uses of the Internet. That's why we have ensured that it is available on any computer, phone or tablet.
How hard is it to start using Classlife in my school?
Classlife is a cloud application, therefor you do not need any software or system requirements to get started. Once the service is active Classlife support team will import your data and set up the main contents for you to get started. In addition, content management is a quick and easy task for any teacher or staff memeber through intuitive tools and forms.
What is the academic memory?
Taking advantage of the valuable information generated by students and teachers in their education progress, Classlife connects relevant information and automatically links each person to the information to create an academic memory, covering all the academic and social development with the school.
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